You are visiting the homepage of our  vacation home. The river Rhine is a few steps away. You will have also the opportunity to visit the beautiful landscape in the direction of the „Ahrtal“.

You will love the mediterranian landscape, when you look down from the  „Rodderberg“ (a nature reserve of volcanic origin), that is only a few minutes away.

You can experience nature reserves and cultural and historical treasures … and – if you want to – also a vibrant life.

Maybe you want to visit the trade fair in Cologne(KölnMesse) – less than an hour’s train trip.

Maybe you want to visit German friends or relatives and you need an independent accommodation … just phone (+49  176 430 500 89) or send us an email !

Don’t miss this chance to get to know a region, witch is really worth visiting.
Some suggestions to spend  a wonderful time in Wachtberg-Niederbachem:
– vising Cologne, the cosmopolitan metropolis: The cathedral spires towers over Germany’s oldest city and its innumeral cultural and historical treasures (as mentioned before) , world-famous museums and an active art scene – and drinking the famous „Kölsch“ and eating a  „Halven Hahn“.
– visiting Bonn, the birth place of one of the  famous composer „Ludwig van Beethoven“, visiting the „Museumsmeile“ and afterwards relaxing in a beer garden or a wine tavern.
– further more: „Sea-life aquarium“, „Phantasialand“, „Nürburgring“